The first editing I ever did was my reels for my acting work. It was purely mechanical but I enjoyed doing it. Since transitioning to working as an editor professionally I have gained a new appreciation for the art form. I have found that many of the skills I acquired as an actor are useful as an editor and continue to learn with every job I do. I have worked in Adobe Premiere CC and Avid extensively (both on Macs and PCs) – and use After Effects for graphics. 

I began working as an Assistant Editor in New York City for National Geographic and then NBC’s Peacock Productions where I was given the opportunity to edit digital content while learning the ins and outs of Avid, both from a technical and creative perspective. I continued to edit my own projects and have edited short films and trailers for friends (in Adobe Premiere, Avid and After Effects). Since moving back to Los Angeles I have most recently edited an episode of the REELZ show Celebrity Reveal about the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise (so fun revisiting those films) and have been working on social assets for TasteMade TV, managed to edit a few videos for New York based NYWIFT and am continuing to engage in as many passion projects as I am able, gaining more and more insight about editing sound and images in various genres.


NYWIFT Muse Awards 2020 Opening Video

Trailer for a recent creative theatrical endeavor

Undiscovered Works Highlights Video for 2020


Toyota branded content video for TasteMade

Luke Nguyen’s Railway Vietnam